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Poster: R Pal Date: Nov 20, 2021 4:59am
Forum: georgeblood Subject: Re: Acoustic records recording speed

Your examples will not display and are giving an error for some reason. Your speed change during playback causing a difference thought is correct though. I hope your examples finally get to be heard.
During some minor needle tests I also found that weight of the stylist is another factor that deserves attention.
I also find that the microscopic examination of stylist has been done since records were first being fabricated. So I will not go beyond saying that when digitizing, make sure your needles are as close to the correct configuration as possible for the record being digitized .
But this 'A'nalog recording data collection portion of the A/D process does not touch on the 'D'igital speed adjustment automation portion. It looks to me like that needs to be done post digitization in order to adjust the sound to the correct pitch. And in that will require sound wave analysis software which is beyond my current budget.

I'll buy a lottery ticket and hope.
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Poster: discs-78rpms Date: Nov 20, 2021 9:05pm
Forum: georgeblood Subject: Re: Acoustic records recording speed

Try the URLs:

Sorry, the forum software included the sentence period when it formatted the URLs from the text - which I did not expect.

I agree on the digital (post-data collection) speed adjustment comment. The best practice would I think be to try to use exact analog speed recommended by the record company and then perhaps tweak digitally from there. Also, trying to digitize an acoustic record with a magnetic cartridge complicates the issue.

Good luck on your lottery ticket.